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What do the icons on visual checklists mean?

In the Properly app, you’ll see bright little icons on the photos included in some of your checklists. These are called task pins, and they indicate what tasks should be done at that location.

For example, the client may put a “Light On” task pin on a lamp in the room to indicate they’d like you to turn that specific lamp on for the guest.

While most of the task pins are self-explanatory, a few can be used for more general instructions:

  • Custom: This pin appears whenever the task isn’t described by one of the other pins above. Examples: put the pillows back on the couch; check for hair on the beds; order more supplies from Amazon.
  • Find / Look: Use for any task where an item needs to be located or examined for problems. Examples: find the remote control and place on side table; check to see if there are crumbs under the couch cushions.
  • Stage: This pin means to arrange the room the way it looks in the reference photo. “Staging” means arranging the linens, pillows, knickknacks, and other decor items in a pleasing way.
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