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If you’ve read through all the articles in the Getting Started section, congratulations! You have a great overview of how to get started using Properly. You can learn more sophisticated ways of using Properly by following the links below, or by entering a question or topic into the text box in the lower right-hand corner of this page. 

Create a Checklist 

Learn how to add slides, create task pins, request verification photos, add notes, edit checklists, create checklists from problem reports, duplicate checklists across your properties, and more. 

Find a Service Provider 

Learn how to find service providers on Properly, how Community Service Providers are qualified, how to pay your service provider, and how to find a service provider for a quick turn. 

Monitor Jobs 

Learn how to schedule, request, automate, and edit jobs; how to track your service providers’ progress and give feedback, and how to use the Home Assessment tool. 

Automate Your Check-In and Check-Out Procedures

Learn how to automate your procedures by setting a checklist, service provider, time, and job amount for any property, and set reminders for check-in and check-out. 

Work as a Team 

Learn how to create a company account and invite your employees, service partners, owners, and consultants to join. 

Manage Your Properties in Properly 

Learn how to import your property information from your listing platform, PMS, channel manager, and iCal accounts, and learn how to set up calendar view in Properly. 

Manage Your Account 

Learn how to change your subscription, update your profile, and switch your role from property manager to service provider (or vice versa).  


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