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Step 4: Join the Marketplace

Learn what the Properly Marketplace is, how you can use it to find new clients in your area, and how to join.

The Properly Marketplace is simple: property managers and hosts in your area are always looking for experienced cleaners who understand how to clean short-term rentals.

As you no doubt know, cleaning a residential property is very different from cleaning a short-term rental or vacation home. In a residential property, you wouldn’t empty the fridge of all leftover food or check the closets and bedroom bureau drawers for left-behind clothes or personal items. For a short-term rental, those are essential tasks!

Managers and hosts want to know where to find cleaners who understand how to clean, stage, and prepare a property for guests. The Marketplace is where they find them.

What’s the Marketplace? 

The Marketplace is a collection of all the service providers who have been invited by professional hosts and managers to use Properly. These service providers are ONLY invited by hosts and managers who use their services for short-term rentals specifically.

Hosts and managers who need a service provider for a cleaning, inspection, maintenance job, or key handoff can search our Marketplace for someone with the specific skills they need.

If you’re a match for the services they’re looking for, you’ll be recommended. The client can then send you a job request, which you can review to make sure you’re interested in working with this client and are available at the day and time requested.

How can I get jobs through the Marketplace? 

First, let’s make sure you’re signed up to appear in the Marketplace.

Open the Properly app and go to Settings by clicking the gear icon in the upper right. You’ll see this page appear:

Select “Edit Profile.” You’ll be taken to this page:

Move the toggle next to “Marketplace Settings” to the right. It will light up turquoise. You’ll then see this page appear, which will ask you to confirm that your profile information is accurate (or fill out the information, if you haven’t yet provided it).

Confirm your information, and that’s it! You’re now part of the Properly Marketplace.

If you ever want to stop receiving jobs from the Marketplace temporarily, you can go back to Settings, Edit Profile, and toggle the switch back to the off position. It’s a good idea to do this when you’re on vacation, so you’re not interrupted with job requests!

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