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Step 3: Invite Your Cleaner

Hosts can invite cleaners and other service providers to use the Properly app. Once your cleaner accepts the invitation, you can send them cleaning jobs in the the app.

To send a cleaning job to your cleaner using the checklist in the Properly app, your cleaner will need to download the app and create an account.

You can invite your cleaner (or other service provider, such as a maintenance person or inspector) by following these steps.

1. Navigate to the Contacts tab on your Properly account.

You’ll see the option to invite a service provider in two places: a big orange button in the center of the screen, and above the list of service providers on the left side of the screen.

You will also notice that you have your own account as a cleaner. In the example above, “Simon Properly” is the name of this account holder, and he is listed as a cleaner even though he has created a Host account.

This is because some hosts prefer to provide their own cleaning services, or may need to jump in as a replacement for their usual cleaner in an emergency. You can use your cleaner account to send yourself jobs – here’s more information about how to do that.

If you have a different cleaner or other service provider you’d like to use Properly with, you’ll need to send them an invitation.

2. Select “Invite Service Provider”. You’ll see this screen pop up:

You can invite your service provider by entering their phone number, or select “Use Email Instead” to invite them by email.

Inviting your service provider by phone is typically best, as it ensures they’ll be using their phone at the time they receive their invite, making it easy for them to download the app.

Click “Next” when you’ve entered either the phone number or email for your service provider.

3. Enter your service provider’s name.

You’ll be prompted to provide your service provider’s name. For this example, we’ll invite Simon’s cousin Maria, who provides all his cleaning services:

Click “Invite” and your invitation will be sent. You’ll get a notification in the Properly app when your cleaner accepts the invitation, but you will also see them appear in your left-hand navigation as an available service provider with the message “Invite Pending.”

When the service provider has accepted your invitation, you will see this profile update with the date that they joined Properly.

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