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How do I invite my employees or team members to join my company account?


SUBSCRIBER FEATURE: This feature is only available to those with Property Manager accounts. If you would like to upgrade to or open a Property Manager account, please contact our sales team at

Before you can invite a team member to join your Company account, you must first create your Company account. Once your account has been created, click “Invite Team Member” on the company page.

You’ll be asked to provide the email for the team member you want to invite. Please only enter one email at a time, as you will be designating permissions for each employee individually.

Click “Next” and you’ll be prompted on the next page to decide on permissions for this employee.

? You can change the permissions you provide for each employee. For example, you can give your co-founder in the company the same access to all aspects of the Properly app that you have yourself, while your brand-new intern may only have access to create checklists.

You can choose to give this user access to some or all of the following: service provider name, the offered price for each job, the problem reports, verification photos and tasks completed, checklist creation, editing, and deletion, and permission to send and edit a job.

Whatever permissions you select will ONLY apply to the properties you give this user access to. For example, if we give Jane access to only the property in Carmel-by-the-Sea, she will only be able to create checklists and view problem reports for that specific property.

? You can give your employees access to only some of the properties in your portfolio. If you have a location in Miami Beach and another in Galveston, you can give the Miami Beach team access to the properties in their area only.

Click “Next” after you’ve chosen permission levels to choose the properties this user has access to.

Choose the properties you’d like the user to have access to. You can select “Allow access to all properties” if you want your employee to have access to every property in your portfolio (this includes properties you may add in the future).

When you click “Send,” your employee will receive an email invitation to use Properly and be prompted to create an account using their work email.

❗Employees can only use the work email that matches your company administrator account to access your Company account. For example, if your email address is, your employee Mike must use his email to create his account.

Once your team members set up their own accounts, they can configure their notifications in Settings to receive notifications for actions they are managing. If you want Mike to manage all cleaning jobs for the properties you’ve assigned him, for example, Mike will be able to set up notifications for himself so that he knows when a new booking comes in.

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