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How do I receive jobs I send myself?

You can switch your view in the Properly app to send jobs as a host, or receive jobs as a cleaner.

You can send yourself a job via the Properly app by selecting yourself as the service provider you’d like to send a job to.

To view the job, you MUST use the mobile app. You can download the mobile app on Android here and on iOS here.

Once you download the app and log in with your credentials, you’ll need to switch your view in the mobile app from the host’s view to the cleaner’s view.

You can do this by selecting the Settings icon in the upper right corner of the mobile app, and then selecting “Switch to ‘Receive Jobs'”

You will then be viewing the app as a cleaner would. To complete a job as a cleaner, simply accept the job you’ve sent yourself, and start the job when you’re at the property.

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