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How do I merge duplicate properties?

If you find you’ve created duplicate properties, there’s an easy way to merge them.

If you’ve manually created a property as well as importing from your listing platform, it’s possible to end up with two duplicate properties with slightly different details, such as the title.

If your properties have identical addresses, Properly will notice and flag the listing as a potential duplicate. In either of the possible duplicate properties, you’ll see this notice:

If the duplicate notification is in error, select “No Thanks’ and the notification will disappear. You can also select “View Duplicates” to see which properties we suggest you merge.

If you don’t get a notification, your duplicate properties probably have slightly different addresses – maybe one says Sunny St instead of Sunny Street, for example. You can still merge these properties by going to your Settings.

On the Settings page, you’ll be automatically sent to the Connected Accounts tab. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll see an option for “Merge Properties.”

Select “Merge Properties” and you’ll be taken to this screen, which will show all of your current properties.

Screen Shot 2020-06-01 at 14.59. 2

Select the two properties you want to merge and select “Merge” in the upper right corner.

The two properties will be merged immediately, and you will be returned to your Properties page.

A word of warning: you cannot unmerge properties

Make sure you really want to merge the two properties you have selected! The process cannot be reversed. We can re-import your properties if necessary, but the data for the merged properties will be combined and can interfere with accurate reporting.

If you have merged two properties in error and would like help getting your property info straightened out, please contact our support team by clicking the chat icon in the lower right of this screen.

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