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Getting started with properly from the HomeAway invite

Thank you for signing up from the HomeAway invite and welcome to Properly.

Time to set up your account and get you scheduling jobs in no time with our visual checklists (based on HomeAway guidelines – AU | NZ). Setting up your account is easy, fast and straightforward. Let’s talk you through it.

Are you a Host or Service provider?

First we will ask you to choose between using Properly as a Host, or as a Service provider. There are two sides of the app and for now you need to be on the Host side of it. This side will allow you to create properties, preview our visual checklists, invite cleaners and finally schedule jobs.

Select Host

After selecting host on the previous screen, now select Add a Property Manually

Manually add your property

After you selected to use Properly as a Host we will ask how you want to add your property. For HomeAway you don’t have a choice and you need to Add a Property Manually. Don’t worry about your bookings for now, but if you want them to populate your calendar you can read all about it here later.

Set the address

Now, fill out the address of your property and Google maps will help you set it correctly.

In this way your service provider will know exactly where to go for the job and it will tell you if the service provider was actually at the property when the job was started and finished.

Once you are done click Next and you’ll be able to give the property you created a title. This can be the listing title as it is on HomeAway, or whatever title you’d like. Lastly, select the property type and then Save your property.

Done! You are all set.

We have one more thing in store for you. We’d like to show you, before you start scheduling, what it is like to do a job using the Properly app.

Click the Start Job button and see for yourself. It’s a small tutorial teaching you how to do a job and explaining all the features that are available to service providers too. After you completed the tutorial add your service provider.


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