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Use a checklist from Properly’s checklist library on mobile

To make it easy for you we have checklists already prepared for you. You can use them right away, or you can edit them as you like. These checklists are based on guidelines that can be found on the HomeAway website (AU | NZ) and are based on advice by the World Health Organisation. That means you do not have to figure it all out and do the research yourself. We are here to help to make it easier for you.

Where to find these checklists?

When you open the mobile app it will automatically open the properties page. From here you just need to go to the library tab. There you have different filters to separate your own checklist from Properly’s published checklist. For now don’t worry about this, because you haven’t created any of your own.

from properties to checklist library checklist library
How to go from properties page to the checklist library Click on the title of the checklist to preview

Suggestion: preview the checklist first

In the library you see all the checklist available to you, but you do not know which tasks are in each checklist. These are the tasks cleaners will go through, so don’t confuse them with task that do not apply to your situation. That’s why we’d suggest to review the checklist first before sending it to anyone. You can easily do this by clicking on the title and that will open the checklist in preview mode.

Sending a job from the library or copy it to your property to edit it first

If you like the checklist the way it is you can send it from the library directly to your service provider. Just click the dots on the right (next to the Properly logo) and it will give you the option to either create a job with that checklist, or duplicate the checklist to a property. If you send it to a service provider directly from the library you won’t be able to change anything. Just fill out the other details on the job request and send the job.

Note: You need to have added your service provider before you start sending jobs.

select checklist options
Click on the three dots on the right to either copy the checklist to a property, so you can edit it or send a job with the unchanged checklist The checklist will be filled out for you, because you selected it in the previous screen. Now you just have to select the property, set the date, duration and pick the service provider.

Copy and edit the checklist

If you like to adjust the checklist you’d need to copy/duplicate it to a property first. Click the dots on the right (next to the Properly logo) and select the Duplicate to properties option. Then select one or more properties to copy the checklist to and click done in the right upper corner.

Now, head over to the properties tab, click on the property and select Checklists. Here you will find the checklist that you copied from the checklist library. Edit it by clicking on the checklist and then select Edit in the right upper corner. Once you are done click save in the left upper corner, and now it’s ready to be sent. You can send the checklist from the Property profile page by clicking the Create Job button.

Doing jobs yourself

You do not have to send a job to your service provider, perhaps you clean your own properties. In this case, switch on the Start job now feature. This will let you start the job right then and there with the checklist you have selected.

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