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How to add iCals in the Properly mobile app

Why add the HomeAway iCal?

Add the iCals from HomeAway to your property in Properly so we are able to import the bookings for you. When a booking gets into our system we will add the check-in and check-out to your to-do list, and you can schedule cleaning jobs from there. In this way you will not have to check the HomeAway app first, but rely on Properly to learn when your property needs to be cleaned.

Note: This is an optional feature. You can use Properly without adding iCals and you can get the job done just the same!

First: export the iCal from HomeAway

Log into your owner account (AU | NZ) on a desktop computer/laptop and then follow these instructions on how to export the iCals as found on the HomeAway website (AU | NZ).

To export your reservation calendar
You can only export your reservation calendar if your listing is live.

            1. In your reservation calendar, click the Import/Export arrows icon
            2. Click Export Calendar
            3. Copy the URL

Second: Connect your property in Properly

You exported the iCal from HomeAway on a desktop computer/laptop, but how to get it from there into the Properly mobile app? The easiest way is to email the iCal URL to yourself, and then open the email on your phone. Copy the URL from the email and then start the Properly app on your phone. It will open the properties tab automatically. Select the property you just exported the iCal for. Click the three vertical dots in the right upper corner and select iCal.

This will take you to a screen where you can paste the copied iCal URL.

Connected: what’s next?

Once your property is connected go to the calendar tab to see your bookings and schedule jobs from the check-in and/or the check-out by simply tapping the Create Job button.

IMPORTANT NOTE in case you block dates in HomeAway

Blocked dates get in the iCal just like bookings do, and they will look the same in the Properly calendar. So in case you block dates in HomeAway you have to be careful not to schedule a clean for a blocked date.

How to tell the difference and not schedule jobs for blocked dates:
After you have clicked the Create Job button you can check the event by clicking on Check In or Check Out at the top, like this:

When it’s a booking the event will be called Reserved and it will include the first name of the guest. If it’s a blocked date the event will be called Blocked.

Troubleshoot – not all my bookings appear in the calendar

We only show bookings between now and 3 months in the future. Bookings will be imported once they fall within this 3 month time frame.

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