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Add your service provider in the mobile app

Properly is by far the quickest and easiest way to schedule a cleaning with your cleaners. Not only is it easy, as a host you’ll be ensured the job was done at the highest standard.

Pick a checklist from our checklist library and include it in the job, so cleaners will get clear, detailed instructions and check them off while on the job. They will also be able to send you verification photos, problem reports and chat with you through the app.

All you need to do is add your service provider in the mobile app, so they can create an account and be connected to you. You can invite as many service providers to use Properly with you as you wish, but let’s start with one.

Let’s add Your Service Providers To Use Properly

First, open the mobile app. It will automatically open the page with your properties and from there head over to the Contacts tab in the bottom right corner. On that page tap the plus symbol – also in the bottom right corner – to add a service provider.

Find the add cleaner button in the bottom right corner

In the next pages fill out their phone number in order for them to receive the invite. After that fill out their first and last name, so we can personalise the invite for them.

We suggest you let your service provider know before you are going to invite them, so the invite is not a surprise. They will receive an invitation via text message and the text message contains an URL to the sign up page.

send invite to cleaner text sms invite

This is what the text message invite looks like. The cleaner will just have to open the URL


If the link to download the app does not take the cleaner to the Google Play Store or App store, please, have them open the Google Play Store or App store and search for the Properly app and download it.

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