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Step 3: Fill Out Your Profile

Cleaners and service providers should complete their profile so that they can find more clients on the Properly Marketplace.

Once you’ve created your account, you’ll want to fill out your profile. This not only makes it easier for your current clients to find you on Properly – it also makes it possible for you to accept jobs in the Properly Marketplace.

To fill out your profile, open the Properly app and go to the Settings icon in the upper right corner.

From here, you can select the camera icon to upload a photo of yourself. Cleaners and other service providers who include a photo in their profile get more jobs!

Click “Edit Profile” to fill out your profile details.

Profile Photo

Choose a nice photo of your face, rather than a full-body shot or one of you in a crowd of other people. You want your clients to know it’s you!

Select “Save” to be returned to the previous screen.

Contact information  

You should already have filled out this information when you created your account. Still, it’s good to double-check your contact information to make sure there isn’t a typo in your email or phone number! You can also return to your profile if your email or phone number change.


Select which services you provide. If you join the Marketplace, potential clients can find you by searching for service providers who offer your specific services.

About Me

This is a great place to tell potential clients what makes you different from everyone else. Be sure to mention your experience, your specialties, and why you’re the best choice for the job! You can also include information that helps them know if you’re a fit for an upcoming job, such as hours or days you aren’t available, and what your regular rates are.

Marketplace Settings 

This is a simple “yes and no” option. If you toggle this switch on, we’ll include you in the Properly Marketplace. If you leave it off, you won’t appear in searches when managers and hosts in your area are searching for a cleaner. You can learn more about the Properly Marketplace here.

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