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Remote Inspection Self-Onboarding for Service Providers
Remote Inspection Self-Onboarding for Service Providers
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We know that the work you do is demanding; preparing a property for guests takes incredible attention to detail, often under tight deadlines. That’s why we developed a real-time Remote Inspection (RI) service to support your work and serve as a second set of eyes on the job.

Think of us as sidekicks who have your back whenever you’re working. We’ll confirm that you’ve completed everything on the property checklist and will contact management for assistance if any issues arise.

In this course, we'll give you an overview of the Remote Inspection process, then it down into its individual parts, including how to:

NOTE: You’ll need to use the Properly app to send us photos of your work, so charge up your phone and download the app before you start the job!

Remote Inspection Job Overview

  1. You start the job and send us verification photos as you go.

  2. The Remote Inspection team will send you a welcome message right after you start the job.

  3. Your Inspector reviews those verification photos in real-time. They’ll give a “thumbs up” to photos of complete tasks, and a “thumbs down” (and feedback) to photos of incomplete tasks.

  4. You review your Inspector’s feedback. High-five yourself for all of those “thumbs up” photos! Nice work. Correct issues identified in any “thumbs down” photos and take a new verification photo of your updated work.

  5. Your Inspector reviews and gives feedback on those verification photo re-takes.

  6. You make sure all photos get a “thumbs-up” before leaving the property.

Turn on Notifications

Before starting the Remote Inspection job, make sure your notifications are on, as you'll need to communicate with your Remote Inspector in real-time.

  1. To turn your notifications on, open the Properly app and click the “Settings” icon in the top right corner.

2. Next, scroll down the “Settings” page and hit “Notifications,” where you’ll see all of your current notification settings.

3. By default, notifications go to your email and show up on the Properly app. However, you can change your settings to get information via text message as well. (From left to right: email, text, and app notification.)

Start a Remote Inspection Job

  1. Once you've arrived at the property, click the "Jobs" icon (the clipboard in the bottom left corner), which shows outstanding job requests and upcoming jobs, organized by date.

2. Click on the job you want to start.

3. Tap "Start Job."

NOTE: The Remote Inspector can see when jobs are started and finished.

Complete all the Tasks and Take Photos

  1. When you click “Start Job,” the app will show you the checklist for this property. Tap each item on the list as you complete it.

  2. After you tap the last task on each slide, you may see a camera icon appear. This means a client has asked for a verification photo for this task.

  3. Snap a photo of the room or item from the same vantage point as the original photo.

    • Always take verification photos in Landscape –or horizontal–orientation (rather than Portrait –or vertical–orientation.)

    • Make sure all the lights are on when taking verification photos.

    • Always take up-close verification photos of appliances.

    • Pay attention to the reference photo details (ex. amenities/supplies) you need to include when you take the photo after cleaning and staging.

  4. Once you've taken a verification photo, your Remote Inspector will review it and either approve it with a thumbs up or reject it with a thumbs down (and feedback.)

Complete the Remote Inspector Photo Review

  1. When you're notified that you've received feedback from your Remote Inspector, click the photo icon on the top left of the navigation bar.

2. Read the real-time feedback provided by the Remote Inspector.

3. Make corrections based on the feedback and tap the camera icon to take a new verification photo.

4. View new feedback.

See Messages

  1. When you're notified that you've received a Comment from your Remote Inspector, click the Chat icon on the top left of the navigation bar.

  2. Reply to the message.

3. If necessary, you can also review, reply to, or send messages in the Chat box when you finished the job.

How to Report a Problem

If you run into a problem, you’ll want to let your Remote Inspector know right away. You can submit a Problem Report which allows you to detail the issue, rate its severity, and add photos.

If the problem is something you can resolve right away (ex. a carpet stain), make sure to get permission from your client to do so. To check for your Remote Inspector's response to your Problem Report, open the Chat

Once approved, you can track and record additional time/costs using Extras.

  1. To report a problem, click the "!" icon.

2. Write a title for the report (ex. "wine on carpet".)

3. To describe the problem in more detail, tap the space below the title to reveal a new window. Write up a description of the problem, the more information you include, the better.

4. Tap the camera icon to take a photo (or a few photos) of the problem.

5. Drag the sliding scale to assign the problem a Severity Rating from 1 to 5 (1 being "not too bad" and 5 being "this is a big problem!")

6. Tap "Send" to submit your report to the Remote Inspector.

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