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Request a Remote Inspection
Request a Remote Inspection

Reduce your workload, save time, and avoid the risk and extra costs of maintenance problems with Properly's remote management service.

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  1. You can start a Job Request from multiple locations within your Properly account, including the “Calendar,” “Properties," and "Contacts" sections, or from within the "Checklist Library."

NOTE: Remote Inspections can only be scheduled for jobs starting at least 24 hours after your request is sent.

2. Read through our Terms and Conditions before accepting and proceeding to request a Remote Inspection.

3. Within the Job Request, select the "Remote Inspection" button.

4. Follow the in-app prompts to pay for the Remote Inspection.

5. As your Service Provider cleans, they'll submit photos to our Remote Inspection team.

We’ll review live photos of completed tasks and compare them against your reference photos to ensure your property is staged to your requirements, and we provide instant feedback to Service Provides to fix any issues while they’re on site.

Our team sends detailed monthly reports on each of your Service Providers to help you track their performance during Remote Inspections.

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