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Build a Checklist for Remote Inspection (for Hosts)
Build a Checklist for Remote Inspection (for Hosts)

Before scheduling a Remote Inspection, you'll need to create a Checklist for the job.

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  1. Navigate to "Property" in the Main Menu, then choose a Property.

  2. Tap "Checklists."

3. Tap the '+' sign to build a new checklist.

4. Click on an existing Checklist Template for a specific room or activity (ex. Kitchen, Finishing Touches.)

These templates include pre-written tasks that are easily edited.

5. Once you tap on a template, it appears in the upper panel; this is your checklist. You can add templates as often as you'd like (e.g. tap three times if you have three bedrooms.)

  • To remove a template from the checklist, just tap it and it will disappear.

  • To see what each template includes, tap "Preview."

6. Tap "Next" to build your finished checklist.

7. Tap "Replace Photo" at the top of each slide to insert your listing photos and show your cleaner how to stage a room/inspect for damage.

8. Tap "Edit Tasks."

9. A “task pin” shows the Service Provider WHERE on the image you’d like them to perform a particular task.

  • Tap on the Task Pin you want to use and drag it to the proper place in the photo.

  • Tap "Save" when you're done.

10. Tap the camera icon in the top right corner to indicate that you want the Service Provider to take a picture of the item or staging in the photo you've uploaded.

Our Remote Inspection team will check every image your Service Provider sends them, so make sure you activate the photo icon in any slide you want to be reviewed during a turnover.

11. Rename this checklist and make it clear that it's specific to Remote Inspection. Tap '...' at the top right of the screen to rename it.

12. Rename the checklist and tap "Save."

13. Tap "Create a job with this checklist" to start a Job Request for a Remote Inspection.

14. Your Remote Inspection Checklist is now a part of the job. Fill in the rest of the Job Request and be sure to select "Remote Inspection" before sending it out.

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