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Written by Sarah Quimno
Updated over a week ago can be connected to Properly via iCals. An iCal is a calendar file with events in it, in this case bookings.

First you need to export the iCals from and then add them to your properties in Properly.

Export iCal Instruction:

Go to the website and follow these steps:

1.) Log on to your extranet and click on the ‘Rates & Availability’ tab.
2.) Click on ‘Calendar’ (or a particular room name to access its calendar)
3.) Then, click on the ‘Sync Your Calendars’ drop-down box
4.) Under ‘Step 1: Export your calendar’, click on ‘Copy link’ and paste this link into Properly.
Note: Under Export options, select whether you want to export only your Booked dates only or both Booked and closed dates. It's recommended to export them with Booked dates only.

Above steps were taken from help page, here.

Add iCals to properties in Properly:

Log on to your Properly account and follow these steps:

1.) Select the property
2.) Then, go to the Connections tab of that property
3.) Scroll down slightly till you see iCal and click Connect
4.) Fill out a name for the connection and paste the iCal from in the designated fields and click Connect

Your bookings will be imported right away and the iCals will sync every 2 hours.

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