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What is Properly Pro?

Your area is now home to a Pro Marketplace...what does that mean?

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What is Properly Pro?

Properly Pro is a program available in specific areas that guarantees the quality of jobs carried out by Properly’s network of Independent Service Providers.

24 hours after completing a Pro Job, Pro Service Providers get paid automatically through the app. They're also covered by the Marketplace Satisfaction Guarantee, which is part of Properly’s Terms of Service.

What is the Properly Marketplace?

Hosts and property managers always look for skilled providers who understand how to clean, stage, and prepare a property for guests. End their searches (and get more clients) by joining Properly’s Marketplace, where you’ll show up as an experienced, available service provider for other clients in your area.

You’ll continue to set your rates in the Marketplace. While clients can send you offers that include rates, you can choose whether to accept the job (since there aren’t any penalties for declining jobs.) Most importantly, you’ll always take home 100% of your earnings.

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