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A Guide to Visual Checklist Icons

Visual checklists use task pins to indicate tasks for each room. Learn what each task pin signifies!

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In some checklist photos, you’ll notice icons placed on floors, windows, couches, counters, and many other surfaces/objects within the room/area.

These are called task pins, and they indicate what to do at the location at which it’s placed.

For example, The client may place a “Light On” task pin over a lamp in the dining room. This means they’d like you to turn that specific lamp on for arriving guests.

While most of the task pins are self-explanatory, some may be used more broadly for a variety of instructions, including:


This pin appears whenever the task can’t be described using any of the other pins. Your client should write out the specifics of the custom pin so you know what you need to do.

  • Examples:

    • “Put the pillows back on the couch.”

    • “Check for dog hair on the beds.”

    • “Order more cleaning supplies from Amazon.”

Find / Look

Used for any task that requires locating or examining an object.

  • Examples:

    • “Find the remote control and place it on the side table.”

    • “Check to see if there are crumbs under the couch cushions.”


This pin means ”arrange the room/area/objects to match the reference photo.” This may also involve arranging linens, pillows, knickknacks, and decor in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

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