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Create a Custom Checklist

Want to create your own checklists from scratch? See full instructions on how to create visuals, add text, use task pins, and much more.

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When creating a Checklist, we recommend starting with a Checklist from our Library or using one of our Checklist Templates. However, you may also want a custom Checklist for some or all of your properties. Learn how to customize a checklist by adding text and photo slides, inserting task pins, and reordering slides,

Custom Checklists can help Service Providers complete specialized or unique tasks, including (but not limited to):

  • Hot tub cleaning and maintenance.

  • VIP amenities or additions for your guests.

  • Guest anniversaries, birthdays, and other celebrations.

  • Staging the property for an owner’s use.

  • Fixing a problem or repairing an item.

Create a Custom Checklist

To create a Custom Checklist for a property:

  1. Click the “Properties” icon in the navigation menu.

  2. Select the profile of the property and open the “Checklists” tab.

3. Click “Create Checklist” to open a separate Custom Checklist workspace.

4. Give your Checklist a descriptive name so it’s easy to identify later.

5. Summarize this checklist and add any unique information for your Service Provider(s) in the “Checklist Description” section.

Add a Text Slide

Text Slides hold written instructions and don’t include any visuals. For example, to add a text slide:

  1. Click the “New Text Slide” button (under the Checklist Description or below your previous slide.

  2. Choose your slide's format (Blank Text or Text Templates.)

Blank Text Slides

  1. Name the slide, then start writing out your instructions.

  2. Click “+ Enter Detail” to add another task to the slide.

  3. Start a new line for every instruction.

Text Templates

  1. Click on an existing Checklist Template for a specific room or activity (ex. Kitchen, Finishing Touches.)

    • These templates include pre-written tasks that are easily edited.

    • Check out a three-minute video showing how to create Checklists from templates.

2. Once you’ve chosen your template(s), click “Done” in the top right corner.

3. You can select any task on the slide and edit some or all of it to fit your needs.

4. Click “+ Enter Detail” to add another task to the slide.

Add a Photo Slide

Photo slides hold visual instructions and don’t include any text. For example, to add a photo slide:

  1. Click the “New Photo Slide” button (under the Checklist Description or below your previous slide.) to open your Photo Gallery.

2. Choose any of your listing photos to illustrate your slide.

  • Click “Select File” to upload a new photo to your gallery.

3. Once you’ve chosen your photo(s), click “Done” in the top right corner.

Task Pins

  1. Back in the Custom Checklist workspace, you’ll see a prompt saying, “Click anywhere on the photo to drop a task pin.”

    • A “task pin” shows the Service Provider WHERE on the image you’d like them to perform a particular task.

For example, drop a task pin on the window and select the “Clean Glass” icon to show you’d like your Service Provider to wash those windows.

  • If necessary, you can enter more details about the task in the list below the photo.

Re-order Slides

To rearrange the order, your slides are in:

  1. Head to the sidebar to select the slide you’d like to move

  2. Click and drag the slide to a new location in the Checklist.

IMPORTANT: Save Your Checklist!

Before you navigate away from the Custom Checklist workspace, make sure to click “Save” in the upper right corner of the screen.

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