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There are two places from which you can review Service Provider's verification photos from a job, the "Home Assessment" tab and the Job Profile.

The Home Assessment Tab

  1. Click the “Properties” icon in the navigation bar, and open the property in question.

2. Underneath the property photo, click “View Gallery.”

3. Open the “Home Assessment” tab to see the most recent verification photos.

  • You’ll also find your property reference photos in this album; to ensure proper staging, compare the verification photos for each room against the references.

  • This gallery includes the verification photos from previous jobs organized by date and room, making it easy to see if the most recent verification photos meet the standards set in previous cleans.

NOTE: If you haven’t updated your checklist templates with your reference photos, you’ll see Properly’s default “reference photo illustrations” for a given room.

The Job Profile

If you want to look at verification photos while the job is in progress and don’t need to compare them to your reference photos:

  1. Click the “Calendar” icon in the navigation bar, and open the job description.

2. In the job description, select “View Photos.”

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