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Click the “To-Do” icon in the navigation bar to see the automated reminders linked to your bookings. By default, every check-in and check-out on your calendar triggers a reminder to schedule a turnover service for that property.

To customize, delete, or add more reminders to your To-Do list:

  1. Click the "Properties” icon in the navigation bar, select the property, and open the "Reminders" tab.

    2. To modify an existing reminder, click the (...) in the top right corner and select "Edit" or "Delete."

    3. To add a new Reminder, click "+ Add Reminder" in the top left corner and give it a name.

4. Open the "When" dropdown list to select "Every check-in" or "Every checkout."

3. Open the "Select Action" dropdown list and choose an action you'd like the reminder to trigger (ex. prefilling a checklist that you can attach to a Job Request.)

4. If you'd like this reminder to trigger a Job Request, you can click "Job Request" and fill it out.

For example, any time there's check-in for this property, you'll get a "Turnover" reminder, and you'll have a Job Request that's prefilled and ready for you to send out.

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