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Edit a Job that's Already been Sent
Edit a Job that's Already been Sent
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You can make changes to a job after you’ve sent the Job Request. There are two ways to access the job you want to edit.

NOTE: Service Providers who've already accepted the job can't be replaced by editing the job request. If you want another cleaner to do the job, you'd have to cancel the job.

Through the Calendar

  1. Click the “Calendar” icon in the navigation bar.

  2. Select the job from your calendar (this will open the full job request.)

  3. Click “Edit” in the top right corner of the full job request.

  4. Make your changes, and then click the “Send Job Request” button.

Through the Property page.

  1. Click the “Property” icon in the navigation bar and select the property attached to the job.

  2. Open the “Job Requests” tab on the horizontal navigation bar withIn the property description.

  3. Select the job to open the full job request.

Edited Jobs and Service Providers

Whenever you edit a job, the Service Provider attached to it will get a Properly notification about the update.

They can then review the updated information, including an updated pay rate (if applicable.)

  • If the Service Provider is comfortable with the updates, they can accept the edited job and proceed as usual.

  • If they’re not comfortable with the updates, they can decline the edited job.

If you sent the original job request to more than one Service Provider, everyone who received the original would automatically receive the updated version. This can help you find a replacement should the previously assigned Service Provider decline the edited job.

NOTE: Service Providers who’ve already declined the original job will not receive the edited version

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