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Set Up Job Reminders
Set Up Job Reminders
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Simplify your scheduling process by automating your property checklists, setting up job reminders, and pre-populating job requests so you don’t need to fill them out for each job.

Job Reminders

Set up your account so that whenever guests check into (or out of) one of your properties, you’ll get a reminder to create a job (ex. turnover service) for that booking.

  • Whenever a new booking shows up on your calendar, you’ll get another reminder to create a job for it.

To Create a Job Reminder:

  1. Click the “Properties” icon in the navigation bar and choose the property for which you’re creating the reminder.

  2. Select “Reminders” from the horizontal navigation bar within the property description.

  3. Click “Add Reminder” and give it a descriptive name (ex.“Turnover” or “Disinfection.” )

  4. Specify the checklist(s) to include in the job’s request form.

  5. Specify the event (check-in or check-out) to trigger the reminder.

  6. Once you’ve set a reminder, you can click “Prefill Job Request” to create a job request template for the property.

Ex. Your Service Provider Anna always does the turnover service for Property 1, so it makes sense to prefill the job request. You’d set Anna as the “Service Provider,” list her usual rate under “Offered Price,” and set the “Job Duration” to however long the turnover usually takes.

7. When your reminder is triggered, it’ll show up in the “To-Do” section. You’ll need to set a date for the job and send it.

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