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Schedule a job from a problem report
Schedule a job from a problem report

Schedule a new job directly from the problem reported to get issues resolved quickly and track expenses in one place.

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Your cleaner can let you know that there was a problem during the turnover process by sending you a problem report.

If the cleaner needs to be paid an additional fee to spend the time to resolve the problem, or if you need to hire another professional to make a repair, you'll want to create a job directly from that problem report.

Creating a job from the problem report means you can track whether the problem that was reported during this job was resolved, and keep all the expenses for the necessary fix in the job with the photo documentation showing the issue. 

This video walks you through the process of creating a job from a problem report. There are also step-by-step instructions below the video. 

1. Open the job by clicking the job progress bar. 

2. Click on the Problems Reported section to expand it. If there is more than one problem reported, you will see all problems in this section. 

3. Click the problem for which you want to schedule a job. 

4. Select either an extra task or a checklist from either this property's checklist or your checklist library. An extra task allows you to create a one-off task for this job only. 

5. Select the appropriate service provider, time, and price in the menu on the left. 

6. Click "Send Job Request" to send the job. 

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