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Send a Job Using a Checklist From the Library
Send a Job Using a Checklist From the Library

Learn how to attach one of your Library checklists to a job for a specific property.

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When you schedule a job, you can select from checklists that are associated with that property. You can also use checklists that were created in your Checklist Library, and are not associated with any property. 

These checklists might include jobs that need to be performed at every property, but do not need specific instructions based on the property’s layout. For example, a checklist that details a check on lightbulbs, smoke detector batteries, and other maintenance necessities could live in the Checklist Library and be assigned to any property that needs a maintenance check. 

Schedule a job using a checklist from your library by following these steps: 

  1. Click your Properties tab in the left-hand navigation of your web application, and then select the property for which you wish to schedule a job. 

2. Select the Checklist tab for this property. 

3. Select the Checklist Library tab. You will see all the checklists you have created in the Library. If you do not see a checklist in this section, it is because you have not successfully created a checklist in your Checklist Library. Follow these instructions to create a checklist in your Library. 

4. Select the checklist from the Checklist Library that you would like to add. You can add more than one checklist, and you can select both checklists from the Checklist Library and checklists that are specific to this property, which you will find under the Property Checklists tab. You can see which checklists have been added in the column to the left under the Checklist tab.

5. Click Send to send your job request with all checklists. 

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