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How to connect Escapia and V12 accounts to Properly.

Written by Sarah Quimno
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Connecting Escapia or V12 to Properly is quite the process and the integration consists of two steps:

Step 1: contact Escapia/ support
- Write Escapia/V12 support - Go to and write Escapia/V12 letting them know you're going to begin working with Properly - request a "PMC connection to the partner’s HSAPI account" (takes 2 minutes)

- Once Escapia/V12 gets back to you (it could take 1-2 business days on their end) you need to set up your account in Escapia in a very particular way to be able to run the integration with Properly.

Step 2: setup in Escapia/V12
1. In Escapia/V12, click on Admin > Setup > HomeAway Software Partner as shown:

2. As a modular feature, the partner picker will look the same in both systems, shown here:

3. Locate Properly and click “Manage Partner”

4. When the “Edit Permissions” page loads, check the “Enable Partner” box at the top of the page:

5. Please then enable the following 4 additional API methods:

  • GetCompanyInfo

  • SearchUnitSummaries

  • GetUnitById

  • SearchReservationSummaries

6. Then click “Save”.

Step 3: run the integration

  1. Go to settings (last tab on the left)

  2. Select Connected Accounts

  3. Click connect Escapia or V12 (V12 is a bit down the list) on the right

  4. Fill out your Escapia Account ID and run the integration

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