When you connect your Properly account with the Airbnb and Booking.com listing platforms, Properly syncs your properties, photos, and bookings calendar. This allows you to create checklists with your own listing photos and schedule cleaning jobs directly from your bookings calendar.

If you list the same properties on more than one platform, Properly will allow you to merge the properties so you can combine information while and keeping bookings separate.


1. Click on your profile name or photo to view the drop-down menu.

2. Select Connected Accounts.

3. Click Connect and enter your listing platform username and password.

4. Click Add Account under the platform you want to connect multiple accounts for.


  1. Connect to your listing platforms

  2. Add a property manually

  3. Edit your property details

  4. Add a new checklist with text templates and listing photos

Property Profile

Manage everything for each property in one place: Create and edit checklists, view all bookings and jobs in your calendar, manage your contacts, and edit property details.

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