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Import your property listings, complete with photos and bookings, from Airbnb.

Written by Sarah Quimno
Updated over a week ago

When you connect your Properly account with the Airbnb listing platform, Properly sync your properties, photos, and bookings calendar. This allows you to create checklists with your own listing photos and schedule cleaning jobs directly from your bookings calendar.

Important note on co-hosting: We know co-hosting is very popular, but Airbnb does not allow bookings to be forwarded to third party systems, like Properly.
- The main account of a property needs to be connected Properly.
- You will be able to connect a co-host account, but the bookings will not be imported.
- It will also not work if you are made the main host in Airbnb. The main account needs to be connected.

Important note after connection: After you have connected your Airbnb account the bookings can take up to 3 hours to get in your calendar. After this initial sync, the connection is instant.

Web app instructions:

1. Click on settings (last tab on the left)

2. Select Connected Accounts

3. Click Connect on the right and enter your listing platform username and password.

4. Click Add Account under the platform if you want to connect multiple accounts for.

Mobile app instructions:

  1. Go to settings

  2. Click Connected Accounts

  3. Select Airbnb

  4. If you are already logged into Airbnb it will connect automatically otherwise it will ask you to connect.

  5. The app will tell you if the connection was successful or not*

  6. The properties are now in your account

*If the connection was not successful this is usually because the Airbnb account you are trying to connect is already connected to a Properly account. You can connect multiple Airbnb accounts to Properly, but an Airbnb account can't be connected to multiple Properly account.

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