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Invite Your Service Partners, Owners, and Consultants
Invite Your Service Partners, Owners, and Consultants

Learn why and how you can share access to your account with trusted service providers, owners, and consultants.

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Managing Partners

Managing Partners allows you to share access to your account and track the activity of your partners at your listings. With this feature, cleaners can be empowered to schedule their own cleanings. Owners can stay in the loop on the service you provide to their home. Service consultants can help you create checklists. And your employees can collaborate as one team.

To invite a partner to share access:

1. Open the settings menu on the bottom left of Properly.

2. Select Partners.

3. Click Invite Partner.

4, Select the type of role for this partner.

Service Consultants

  • Access to your properties so they can create and edit checklists for you.

  • They cannot schedule jobs.


*Requires PM plan

  • Access to the property(ies) you manage for them so they can have visibility into the jobs performed on their property.

  • Access to view your calendar and create and edit checklists.

  • They cannot schedule jobs.

Cleaners and Service Providers

*Requires PM plan

  • Access to the booking calendar for the properties they service.

  • They can schedule jobs.

5. Enter their email address and click Next.

6. Select the permissions for this partner and click Next.

7. Select the properties to share with this partner. Click Send.

Your partner will receive a link to finish creating their Properly account and when they log in they will see all of the properties you shared with them.

Here’s what it looks like when you share your properties with others.

When you share access with a Service Consultant, they can make checklists for your properties on their own account. You will also see these checklists on your account and can use them.

When you schedule a job on a property you shared with an Owner, the Owner can observe the Job Summary and any of the job features you allowed them permission to see.

When you or a Service Provider schedules a job, both you and the service provider can view that job on your calendar. Similarly, when you schedule a job from your account, the partner can also view it.

Each partner can receive notifications for all actions depending on the notifications they configure in Settings on their account.


Here’s what it looks like on a partner’s account when properties are shared with them.

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