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Invite Your Team Members

Invite your team members to join your company account and configure permissions for each employee.

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PM - This feature is only available to PM subscribers. To upgrade to a Pro subscription, please click here.

1. Open the settings menu on the bottom left of Properly.

2. Select Company.

3. Click Create Company.

4. Edit your company name and enter a company email. Properly will send a confirmation email to this account.

5. Open the confirmation email from Properly and click Confirm Email. This will take you back to Properly.

6. Click Invite Team member.

7. Add your teammate’s email address and click Next. Note that you can only add employees with the same email domain (

8. Select the permissions for this employee and click Next.

9. Select the properties to share with this employee. Click Send.

When you or an employee schedules a job on a property you have shared, both you and the service employee can view that job on your calendar. Similarly, when you schedule a job from your account, the employee can also view it.

Each team member can receive notifications for all actions depending on the notifications they configure in Settings on their account.


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