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Automate Reminders

Set up reminders to schedule jobs that are auto-filled with that property’s preferred checklist, service provider, and cleaning time.

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These reminders pop out on your to-do list and make it easy to schedule jobs by standard settings for each time the job is assigned. Settings include the checklist, service provider, time, and amount for a job.  Reminders can be triggered by either a check-in or check-out.

1. Go to the Reminders tab on your Property’s profile.

2. Select whether you want the reminder to appear for every check-in or check-out. Name the reminder and select the checklist you want to send for this job.

3. Next pre-fill the job request that so scheduling becomes a 1-click effort. Here’s how to pre-fill a job request.

Examples of reminders could be:

Key Exchange Jobs

For every check-in, set a reminder to schedule a key exchange. Include the key exchange checklist, select the specific providers who do this work, and the offered price.

After Guest Cleaning

Select “When: Check out” and name the reminder. Include your cleaning checklist and fill out the rest of the job request for this.

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