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How to Find a Service Provider in a Short Timeframe
How to Find a Service Provider in a Short Timeframe

You need a service provider on short notice. Here’s how to find a great one.

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Need a last-minute turnover? Sending a job request to the Properly Community Marketplace will give you access to vetted and verified professionals, but it doesn’t guarantee that there’s a service provider available on short notice. 

There are a couple of handy tips that make it much more likely you’ll be able to find someone willing to make the effort for a quick turn, though. 

Send your job to the Marketplace 

Hosts can select as many Service Providers as they like when scheduling a job, and the first Service Provider to accept the request gets the job. Send your job to lots of Service Providers and they’ll see they have competition for the job - making it more likely you’ll get a quick response. 

You can also check which service providers have the Fast Responder badge on their profile. Send to those specific providers and someone is likely to snap up the job quickly. 

Clearly explain the service needed

An easy way to ensure the highest quality of service is to create a Properly checklist to help the service provider understand expectations. Service providers are more likely to accept a job if they feel confident they can perform to your expectations. 

Pay a fair - or even a more-than-fair - price

It’s pretty simple: the more you’re willing to pay, the more likely a service provider is to decide they’re willing to give up their morning off to come out and help you with your last-minute clean. While you can probably get a response with a fair rate if there are a few days of lead-up time, you’ll want to offer a little financial incentive for a service provider to come out on less than a day’s notice. 

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