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How to Find the Right Service Provider for the Job
How to Find the Right Service Provider for the Job

Learn about profiles, badges and tags for service providers and how to use them to determine who’s the best fit for your job.

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When you use the Properly Community Marketplace to find qualified service providers, you know that everyone in the marketplace is trustworthy, experienced, and vetted by other professionals in the short-term rental industry.

That said, every person has their own strengths. If you want someone who absolutely shines at the things that are most important to you as a property manager or host, here’s how to find them in the Properly Community Marketplace. 

Review Community Service Providers 

  1. Read profiles. When new service providers join the Properly Marketplace, we ask them to fill out profiles detailing their years of expertise, their background and training, and their business philosophy. You can pick up valuable information about your potential service provider here. 

  2. Check response time. You can check how rapidly service providers respond to job requests by looking at the response time. If rapid communication is important to you, ensure a prompt reply by looking for how long it typically takes a Service Provider to return messages. 

  3. Service tags. Always check what kinds of service each provider offers. If you have a carpet in desperate need of a deep clean, for example, you can usually find someone with expertise in that area specifically! 

  4. Browse performance badges. Community Service Providers are given badges for qualities that make a real difference to property managers and hosts. Learn more about badges in the next section of this article. 

  5. Review the types of properties they service. Each Community Service Provider’s profile shows listings they service. Service Providers who have completed jobs at listings that are similar to yours - luxury properties, properties with outdoor areas, properties with high standards for staging - are likely to be great at servicing your properties. 

How do badges work? 

Community Service Providers on Properly are awarded badges when they’ve met certain requirements over the last 90 days. This means providers can work to improve their performance and earn badges going forward, and that property managers and hosts can be assured that each badge reflects that service provider’s recent performance. 

You can use badges to find service providers who show exceptional skill in qualities that are important to you. For example, if you need to hire someone quickly, look for the Fast Responder badge. If hiring someone who has been rehired multiple times by another client would give you confidence, choose a provider with the Loved badge. 

What are the badges and what do they mean?

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