Duplicate or Delete Checklists

If you’ve already created the perfect checklist for one property, read this article to learn how to duplicate it for your other properties.

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You can duplicate a checklist you’ve created in Properly in two ways.

You can duplicate it into the same property so that you have two copies of the checklist. You might want to do this so you can modify one of the checklists and create a simple and a complex version of the same tasks. 

You can also duplicate the checklist into other properties so that the same checklist can be used for both. You can modify the duplicate checklist in the new property to reflect that property’s photos and layout. 

Duplicate a checklist 

1. Hover over a checklist in one of your properties. Click (•••).

2. Choose one of the following options from the popover: 

(1) Duplicate it on that property.

(2) Duplicate into other Properties and move the copy to other properties.

(3) Delete it.

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