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Create Checklists from Problem Reports
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When your service provider reports a problem on the job, you’ll probably want to fix it as soon as possible. Your service provider can send you a photo of any problem at the property. Once you receive that photo, you can use it to create a task in a new checklist and assign a job to fix the issue. 

Create a checklist from a problem report 

Start on the Properties tab.

1. Select the property you want a checklist for.

2. Select the Checklists tab.

3. Click Create Checklist.

4. Add a title and description.

5. Click New Photo Slide.

6. Select Problem Reports.

7. Select the reported photo that you want to fix, and click Done.

8. Add task pins or notes if you want to explain details to your service providers.

9. Click Save.

10. Send a job request, selecting the checklist that you created on step 9.

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