Editing Checklists Using Photos in Gallery

Upload photos to your gallery or use your service providers’ verification photos to add new photo slides to your checklists.

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You can edit or add to your checklists using photos from your Photo Gallery. You may want to do this if the property has changed since the last time a service provider cleaned it, if the checklist needs to be clarified to make it easier for service providers to understand, or if you need to add an extra task because of damage from the last guest. 

Start from the Properties tab.

1. Select the property for which you want to edit a checklist.

2. Select the Checklists tab.

3. Select the checklist you want to edit.

(a) If you want to add a new photo slide using verification photos or a reported problem photo, select New Photo Slide.

(b) If you want to change your existing checklist photo, select the Replace button.

5. Select the Home Assessment tab if you want to use verification photos, select Problem Reports if you want to use a Problem Reports photo, or select Other Reports if you want to use other reported photos.

6. Select the photo you wish to use or replace the previous photo with, and click Done.


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