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Schedule a Job and add an E(Xtra) Task
Schedule a Job and add an E(Xtra) Task

Schedule a job with one of your current service providers for an existing booking.

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To use Properly to schedule a cleaning, maintenance, or service job at one of your properties, you’ll start by sending out a job request. This article covers how to schedule a job with one of your current service providers. You can click here to learn how to send a job to the Properly Community Marketplace.

Schedule a job on your mobile

Jobs can be scheduled from the Property profile or from your general Calendar

To schedule from the property profile:

1. Start in your Property tab. From here you can schedule from Calendar, Checklists "Create Job"

2. Complete job details including checklist, job day and time, duration, service provider, offered price (optional) and message (optional)

3. Optional: Add an E(X)tra from the Checklist Library. E(X)tras are infrequent maintenance, deep clean and inspection tasks

4. Click Send Job Request.

PRO TIP #1: Choose from Properly's Library to request that your service provider read and acknowledge a micro-learning Skill prior to starting a job.


If there is a window of time during which the job can be completed, use flexible start time to tell your provider when the property is available to be cleaned, how long the job will take and when the job needs to be completed. Then they can choose when to do the job. Read more information about this feature here.

Schedule a job from your desktop

You can schedule a job from any property, or from your Calendar.

To schedule a job from the Properties page:

  1. Select the property you want to schedule a job for.

  2. Click Send Job Request.

To schedule a job from the Calendar page:

  1. Locate the cell that coordinates with the property on the left and the date on the top.

  2. Click on a cell to pull up a Job Request form.

3. Either option will open the Job Request form. Fill out the job request by choosing one or more checklists, setting a fixed or flexible start time and date, selecting the service provider(s) you want to send the request to, adding an offered price (optional), and a message along with the request (optional).

You can also edit Property Details on this form.

4. Click Send Job Request.

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