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Create Your Own Custom Checklist

Want to create your own checklists from scratch? See full instructions on how to create visuals, add text, use task pins, and much more.

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While we recommend you start with a sample checklist, you may want to create a new checklist entirely from scratch for some of your properties. You can also use a custom checklist to instruct your service providers on creating one-of-a-kind experiences for your guest, or to navigate a unique feature of a property.  

You might want a custom checklist for: 

  • Hot tub cleaning and maintenance 

  • VIP amenities and additions for your guests

  • Anniversaries, birthdays, and other celebrations 

  • Staging the property for an owner’s use 

  • Getting a problem fixed or an item repaired 

Create a Checklist

To create a custom checklist: 

  1. Navigate to a property.

  2. Click the Checklists tab.

3. Click Create Checklist

4. Click Untitled Checklist to give your custom checklist a name. 

5. Click the text box titled Checklist Description to write a summary of what’s included in this checklist and give instructions to your service provider about its use. 

Add a Photo Slide 

To add a new photo slide, click “New Photo Slide” or the + sign in the lower left-hand corner. You can select any listing photos in your Photo Gallery, or upload photos from your computer.  

Add a Text Slide 

Click “New Text Slide” to create a text slide. You’ll see a drop-down menu appear with two options: Blank Text Slide and Text Templates. 

You can also create a new Blank Text Slide or Text Template by clicking the + sign in the lower left-hand corner. 

Text Templates 

Text templates are pre-created sample text slides that are pre-filled with common tasks for individual rooms. There are 6 text templates available: Bedroom, Kitchen, Living Room, Bathroom, Getting Started, and Finishing Touches. You can add, delete, or customize any of the tasks on these templates.

Blank Text Slides If you want to create your own text slide, select Blank Text Slide. Add tasks by clicking each line on the slide and writing in a text instruction. 

Reorder Slides 

Click and drag the slide in the lefthand sidebar to change the slide order. 


Save the checklist before you navigate away! 

What’s Next? 

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