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Import Properties and Bookings

Are your listings currently on Airbnb, or a PMS? Start by importing your properties and bookings to Properly.

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When you connect your Properly account with listing platform like Airbnb, Properly syncs your properties, photos, and booking calendar. You can also import properties from PMS platforms including Guesty, Hostaway, Hostfully, Escapia,, and BookingSync. 

You’ll then be able to schedule cleaning and service jobs directly from your own bookings calendar, and create checklists for those jobs using your own property photos. 

If you list on more than one platform, you’ll want both calendars integrated into Properly. To make your user experience more streamlined, you can merge listings from two different platforms into a single Properly listing that will show the bookings from both platforms’ calendars. 

You can find information on all integrations here, but you can get started by linking your listing platform accounts. 

Connect one or more of your listing platform accounts

1. Click on your profile name or photo to view the drop-down menu.

3. Click Connect and enter your listing platform username and password.

4. Click Add Account under the platform you want to connect multiple accounts for.

Note: Properly automatically connects to the Airbnb account you are currently logged into on your computer. If you are going to add another account, you must first log out of the account that is already connected and log into the second Airbnb account. Then go back to Properly and click Add Account. Continue to do this for each new account.

Merge duplicate properties

If you imported the same property from multiple listing platforms, you should merge them to become one. This will combine property photos and bookings from each platform into one property. If you have any checklists or jobs attached to the properties, they will be merged as well.

Start from Personal Profile tab.

2. Select Merge Properties.

3. From the menu of properties, select the properties you want to merge.

4. Click Merge.

Note: Be careful when you merge properties because you CANNOT unmerge properties. If you merge properties by mistake, you can delete the merged property and re-import each property from its connected account.

Re-import properties

If you delete one of your properties in Properly and need it back, you can re-import it from the listing platform. 

1. Go to Connected Accounts and find the platform from which you’d like to re-import the property.

2. Click edit.

3. Click Re-Import Properties.

Add a property manually

Want to add a property that isn’t listed on one of the listing platforms above? You can add it manually. 

Start on the Properties tab.

1. Select New Property.

2. Fill out your Property information to include the Address, Title, Property Type, and number of rooms.

3. Click Save. You can edit this information at any time.

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