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Did you receive an invite to join Properly? Start here

You’ve been invited by one of your clients to join Properly. That’s great news - it means your client appreciates your services and wants to make it easier for you to schedule and manage your jobs. 

You can learn more about how Properly works and why it’s going to make your job easier here, but let’s get you started with a Properly account. Since you received an invite from your client, you’ll start by clicking the link in the invitation they sent you.

Clients can send you invitations using email or text. With either method: 

  1. Open the link you received from your client.
  2. Tap Accept Invite.
  3. Create your account using the information your client used to send you the invite. If the client sent you an email, create your account using that email address. If your client sent you a text, create your account using the phone number they sent the text to. 
  4. Download the app. 
  5. Tap Log in and provide the login information you just used to set up your account. 
  6. Start accepting jobs!

Once you have an account set up, you can join the Properly Marketplace to become a Community Service Provider. Becoming a member of the Marketplace means that clients can find you in your service area and offer you jobs. 

Join the Properly Marketplace 

Watch the video below to get walked through the process of joining the Marketplace. 

  1. Click the Marketplace tab.
  2. Click “Join”
  3. Take or upload a profile photo that clearly shows your face. 
  4. Select which services you can provide to clients. 
  5. Fill out the “About Me” section with information about who you are, how long you’ve been in the business, and what your availability is like. 

Once you’ve become a member of the Properly Marketplace, you can invite your existing clients to send you jobs through the Properly app. All current users of Properly with properties in your area can also find you through the Marketplace and send you jobs. 

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