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How do I create a report?

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You can use Properly reports to:

  • Invoice payments for service providers
  • Identify damage and file damage claims
  • Track all servicing and repair needs on your properties
  • View all finished jobs and gain insight into frequency of changeover services
  • Identify your best service providers

Create a new report

Start by navigating to the Reports tab in your sidebar.

By default, you will see a new report already waiting for you. You can fill in the fields to generate a report on the specific information you’d like to view, and save the report for later use.

How to Fill Out Your Report Fields

  • Title. A title makes your report easy to locate when you need it. You might call a report “Monthly invoice” if you want to run the same report every month to find the service providers who have completed jobs in that timeframe.
  • Date range. A date range is critical for proper reporting. Without a date range, you will see all results from when you started using Properly until the present day. We recommend using a date range in all of your reports unless you are specifically running a report for all instances of a given set of data. You can select this week, this month, last week, last month, or a custom date range of your choosing.
  • Status. You can filter your results to only see properties in your report that have a job Pending, Accepted, Declined, or Canceled. You can also select all statuses to view properties with any job type.
  • Properties. Narrow your range to only a few properties, or select All Properties to include all properties.
  • Service provider. Narrow your range to only a few service providers, or select All Service Providers to include all service providers.
  • Column selector. Use the column selector to narrow which columns will appear in your report. You can include columns that show the Property Title, number of bedrooms, the service provider who serviced the property, the city the properties are located in, and much more.

Save your report

If you do not save your report, you will need to create it again. Click “Save” in the upper right corner to save your report.

When you save a report, it will appear in a list on the left-hand side. If you want to run a saved report, simply select it and it will automatically populate on the right-hand side.

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