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Create Photo Slides in Checklists

Use photo slides to show your service provider what rooms should look like once they’re cleaned and staged, or to provide more in-depth instruction on how to perform a task. 

You’ll get visuals for your photo slides from your photo gallery for each property. If you connected your account to a listing platform or PMS, you’ll already have photos imported into your Properly listing for each property. You can use these photos to create visual slides. 

Create a Visual Slide 

Open any checklist and click “Add Photo Slide.” The photo gallery for that property will appear. Select a photo to use in your visual slide. 

To add task pins and notes to photo slides:

1. Click anywhere on the photo.

2. Select the task for that pin. After you add the pin, you can write instructions that will appear inside it when your service provider taps on it.

3. Add text notes by writing them next to the pin underneath the photo.

To receive a photo of a completed task:

Select “Ask service provider for a photo of completed tasks” under that photo slide.

To reorder the slides:
Click and drag the slide in the lefthand sidebar.

Remember to Save the checklist.

Add Photos to Your Photo Gallery 

If you take photos of your property on location and want to add them to your Property Gallery, you can add them directly from your phone using our mobile app. Then you can customize your checklists from the web or mobile app.

You may need to add more photos to provide more precise instructions for your service providers. While you probably already have a photo of the living room when it’s perfectly staged, you may not have a close-up of the thermostat that you can use to show the service provider how to set the temperature for a guest’s arrival. 

To add photos, navigate to any property and click “View Gallery.” 

You can add photos manually by clicking the orange box that says “Drag and drop to upload.”