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How do I create a company account?


SUBSCRIBER FEATURE: This feature is only available to those with Property Manager accounts. If you would like to upgrade to or open a Property Manager account, please contact our sales team at

If your management company is bigger than a one-person shop, you’ll probably want to give your team access to your properties on Properly. You can do this by creating a company account within Properly, which you can then share with your employees and colleagues.

Different access levels will allow your team to help you create checklists, send job requests, check your calendar, or provide feedback to your service providers.

To create a company account, go to Settings and select the Company tab.

(If you do not see the Company tab, you do not have a Property Manager account. Only Property Manager accounts have this feature. If you believe you should have a Property Manager account, please contact our Support team by clicking the turquoise chat bubble.)

Appoint an Admin

To create a company account, you must first designate an admin. Select “Create Company” to create your admin. We highly recommend that you be your own administrator for this account, since you will be using this email to verify your administrator status.

Click “Create Company” after you have entered your administrator’s information. You will see a confirmation pop-up message that prompts you to confirm your email.

In your email, you’ll get a message from Properly with the subject line “Verify your company email.” It will look like this:

Click “Confirm Email” and you’ll be redirected back to your Properly account and the Company page. You’ll see this confirmation message in Properly:

You can now invite your employees.

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