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How do I create a checklist from a problem report?

If your cleaner reports a problem at one of your properties, you’ll want to fix it as soon as possible. Your cleaner can help by sending you photos of the problem, which you can then use to create a problem report for another service provider.

For example, if a guest’s dog has chewed on the posts surrounding your back porch, you’ll want the damage repaired before the next guest arrives. If you can show your repair person a photo of the damage, they will likely be able to tell you how quickly that problem can be remedied.

With Properly, you can send your repair person a photo, a timeframe for the job, and a proposed price for a repair all at once, which makes getting a fix much faster. Here’s how to do it.

Go to your Properties tab, select the property from which you received the problem report, and select Checklists in the horizontal navigation.

Select “Create Checklist” to open a new checklist. Give your checklist a title and description so that your repair person will know what the job is about.

Select “New Photo Slide” to open the photo gallery, and select “Problem Reports.”

You will see all the problem report photos you’ve been sent from your cleaners. Select the photo you’d like to add to your checklist and click “Done.”

You will be returned to the checklist you’re creating, and you will see the photo you selected in a new photo slide. Click anywhere on the photo to add a task pin and a task.

Add any other photo slides or text slides you like, and then click “Save” in the upper right corner of your checklist.

Your new checklist will now appear under the property for which you created it.

You can now send a job request to your repair person using your new checklist.

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