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How do I create a checklists?

While we recommend you start with a checklist from the Checklist Library or one of our Checklist Templates, you may want to create a new checklist entirely from scratch for some of your properties.

You can use a custom checklist to instruct your service providers on creating one-of-a-kind experiences for your guest, or to navigate a unique feature of a property.

You might want a custom checklist for:

  • Hot tub cleaning and maintenance
  • VIP amenities and additions for your guests
  • Anniversaries, birthdays, and other celebrations
  • Staging the property for an owner’s use
  • Getting a problem fixed or an item repaired

Create a Checklist

To create a custom checklist, go to your Properties tab and select the property you’d like to create a checklist for.


Select the button with the orange + sign labelled “Create Checklist” under the “Checklists” tab of the horizontal navigation.

At the top, you’ll see sections where you can add a title and a description of your new checklist.


Add a Text Slide 

Text slides are instructions without visuals. To add a text slide, select “New Text Slide.” You’ll see this screen pop up:

You can now add text instructions to this checklist. For each instruction, skip to a new line.

For example, if you want your cleaner to check for damage and then turn off the power to the hot tub, create two separate tasks:

  • Check for damage
  • Turn off power to the hot tub

Add a Photo Slide

To add a new photo slide, click “New Photo Slide”. You can select any listing photos in your Photo Gallery to illustrate your photo slide.

We’ll use ours to show the cleaner what hot tub cleanser they’re looking for. With visuals, your cleaner is very unlikely to make a mistake and use the wrong cleanser.


You’ll see the option to drop a task pin. For visual checklists, this means you’re showing the cleaner WHERE on the image you’d like them to perform a particular task. For this one, we’re showing the cleanser, so we can drop our task pin “Find/Look” pretty much anywhere and our intention would be clear.


If you’ve chosen to show a picture of the room you’re having the cleaner stage, you can drop a task pin on the specific location you’d like them to do a task. For example, you might place the task pin “Light On” on top of the lamp you’d like your cleaner to turn on.

Re-order Slides

Click and drag the slide in the lefthand sidebar to change the slide order.

❗Save Your Checklist

Don’t navigate away without saving your checklist! You can save it by clicking “Save” in the upper right corner of the screen.


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