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Step 5: Configure Notifications

Managers should configure their notifications so they know when a cleaner accepts or declines a job, or if an issue is reported at one of their properties.

(If you only manage your own properties or manage fewer than 10 properties overall, you may want to follow the instructions for hosts.) 

You can set up notifications for email, text, and mobile notifications. You receive mobile notifications and email notifications by default, which we highly recommend.

With mobile notifications, you’ll never miss an important message at one of your properties – you’ll definitely want to know, for example, if your cleaner reported a problem during the course of the clean.

With email notifications, you’ll have a record of everything that happens at your property, which can be invaluable when you need to submit a claim to a listing platform or an insurance agency.

You receive notifications when

  • Your cleaner accepts a job request or a job edit
  • Your cleaner declines a job request or a job edit
  • Your cleaner cancels a job
  • Your cleaner reports a problem at your property
  • Your cleaner starts and finishes a job
  • A new booking is imported into your Properly account
  • Your cleaner provides feedback or comments on a job

If you’d like to change your notification settings, go to your Account in the lower lefthand corner of the Properly app.

Select “Notifications.” You will then be taken to your notifications settings, where you can select where you’d like to receive notifications for each type of alert.

What’s Next?

If you’ve already been through Steps 1-4 of Getting Started for Managers, congratulations! You now know the basics of how to use Properly. You can learn more at the links below, or simply search the Help Center for your question. If you’re stuck, please reach out to our customer service team by clicking on the turquoise chat icon in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

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