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Complete or Edit Property Information and Details

Once your listings are imported and merged, you can customize them. This customized information stays on your Properly listing and is visible on every job detail your cleaner or service provider receives. 

This property information won't be visible to guests or exported to your listing site or PMS; it's only visible for those using the Properly app. This means you can provide helpful details about the property for the service providers you hire. 

Edit the basic property information

Basic property information includes the title, address, and number of rooms and bathrooms. 

Start on the Properties tab.

 1. Click on a property.
2. Click on Edit in the top right corner to edit the title, address, and number of rooms or bathrooms.

Complete or edit Property Details

Property Details are the instructions your Service Provider sees when they are on a job at that property. These details are saved to the property, so regardless of the checklist you've attached to the job, these details will be visible to every service provider every time.

Good information to include in this section includes: where the garbage is located, how to gain entry to the property, how to access the WiFi, and where to park. 

  1. Select the property you wish to edit from the property list. If you have many properties, you can find the property by searching tags. Click on the property you want to add details to.

2. Click Property Details.

3. Fill out the Access, Garbage, Parking, Wifi and Important Information sections. Click Save for each section.

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