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What does a checklist look like to my cleaner in the Properly app?

If you’ve created a custom checklist or are using one of our templates, you might be wondering what a checklist looks like to your cleaner.

Checklists appear to your cleaner in an easy-to-scroll vertical view. When they start their job, they’ll confirm their location and immediately open the first slide of the checklist.

Text Slides 

A text slide will appear as a simple checklist in your cleaner’s view, shown vertically. Cleaners can easily check off tasks one-handed using the app in their smartphone.

Photo Slides 

Photo slides appear with the photo above the tasks. The task pins will show as checked off as the cleaner checks off each task.

When you request a verification photo for a particular slide in the checklist, the cleaner will see the task “Verification – Take a photo.” They’ll select the camera icon to take a picture of the room or the task you’d like verified.

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