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How do I filter out which properties show on my calendar?

Filters help you more efficiently schedule specific services for listings with similar features. Add a filter to your calendar to see only the properties that have certain features.

Add a filter

Start from the Calendar tab.

Above your list of properties, you’ll see a box that says “Add Property Filter.”

Add Property Filter

Click “Add Property Filter” and you’ll see a variety of filters you can select, including:

  • Property Attributes: Property Tag, Title, City, Country, Zip Code, Bedrooms
  • Property Jobs: Job Status, Job Date, Jobs with Problems, Incomplete Jobs, Job Title, Job Duration In Hours, Assigned Service Provider
  • Property Bookings: Booking Status, Booking Date, Booking Duration, Booking Same day Check-In/Out
  • Property To-Dos: To-Do Title, To-Do Date, To-Do Type

Save Filters

You can save your commonly used filter combinations – for example, maybe you prefer to schedule all of your hot tub cleanings in Breckenridge CO at the same time, so you want a saved filter that will show you all of your properties in Breckenridge that have a hot tub.

First you’ll filter by City by selecting Add Property Filter, and selecting City.

You’ll then tell it to search for all properties with “Breckenridge” as their city.

Then you’ll add another property filter for hot tubs. If you created a tag for hot tubs already, you’ll see it available under Property Tag.

Select Property Tag and you’ll get a drop-down list of all tags you’ve created. Select “hot tub.”

If you want to save this filter, go to the same line and select “Save Filter.” It will prompt you to enter a name for this filter. Something like “Hot Tubs Breckenridge” will be easy to remember.

Once you select “Save,” you’ll notice there’s now a second box next to your “Add Property Filter” box, called “Load Filter.” Select “Load Filter” and you’ll see a list of all your saved Filters, which you can select to automatically load all the attributes of the filter you saved.

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