Calendar Filters

Filters help you more efficiently schedule specific services for listings with similar features. Add a filter to your calendar to see only the properties that have certain features. 

To add a filter on the web 

Start from the Calendar tab.

1. Select the orange + Add Property Filter link. You will see a list of filters you can select, which include: 

  • Property Attributes: Property Tag, Title, City, Country, Zip Code, Bedrooms
  • Property Jobs: Job Status, Job Date, Jobs with Problems, Incomplete Jobs, Job Title, Job Duration In Hours, Assigned Service Provider
  • Property Bookings: Booking Status, Booking Date, Booking Duration, Booking Same day Check-In/Out
  • Property To-Dos: To-Do Title, To-Do Date, To-Do Type

2. You can save your commonly used searches so you don't have to select each filter every time. Choose the filters you want and select the orange Save Filter link. Give the filter a name so you can easily find it later, such as "Barcelona, swimming pool".  

How to use saved filters

1. Select the Load Filter link to automatically populate the previous search.

Use filters to find properties in certain cities

Start on the Calendar tab.

  1. Select Add Property Filter and type for the specific city in which you need to schedule services.

Use filters to find properties with property tags

Start on the Calendar tab.

  1. Select Add Property Filter and click the tag(s) that are needed.

To add a filter on mobile

Calendar filters give you quick visibility into the jobs, bookings, and other data you want to see when you’re out in the field on your mobile phone. For example, you could set a filter to see all of the jobs in progress today and get a pulse on what’s ready for guests checking in, or you could filter to see a specific cleaner’s jobs for the day, week, or any date range. 


Filters can only be applied on the All tab within the Calendar. To set a filter, start on All and tap on the filter icon.

  •  Date Range - Simply tap on the start date to select it. Then tap on the end date to close the range. You’ll know you have a closed date range if there is an orange highlight across the calendar. By selecting a start date and leaving the end date open, the calendar will show everything in the future. If you want to filter for one day, you need to select that day on the calendar and close with the next day. If you want to see today, for example, select today’s date and close it with tomorrow’s date.
  • Properties - You can search by city, title name, or region.
  • Service Providers - You will still see Bookings and To-Dos associated with all service providers even if you filter by a single service provider. To see only the jobs associated with specific service providers, uncheck Bookings and To-Dos in Category. 
  • Category - You can filter by Jobs, Bookings, and To-Dos.
  • Jobs - Filter by jobs that have been accepted, delayed, in progress, or finished. You can select more than one to see jobs of both types - for example, you can filter to see jobs that are both accepted and in progress.
  • To-Dos - The customized Reminders you set for each Property help you see what you still need to schedule.
  • Bookings - Give you insight into your upcoming check-ins and check-outs regardless of whether you have reminders set on properties.

Here are a couple examples of ways you can filter your calendar:

If you want to see all the scheduled/pending/canceled jobs today on all properties:

  1. Go to All in Calendar and click on the filter icon.
  2. Select the date range. Pick today’s date and tomorrow’s date. Tap Select.
  3. Tap Category. Tap on the Jobs sub category.
  4. Unselect Cancelled or Declined jobs.  Tap Add to Filter.
  5. Unselect To-Dos and unselect Bookings. Tap Done. Tap Apply Filters.

Here's another example: if you want to coordinate and schedule your cleaner Michelle's jobs for the next week, you'll want to see the jobs she's already booked for alongside your scheduled to-dos for that week. This way, you'll be able to see which to-dos Michelle has already been assigned to, and which still need to be assigned to her. You would create a filter for all jobs for Michelle over that week alongside all unscheduled To-Dos for that timeframe. 

  1. Go to All in Calendar and click on the filter icon.
  2. Select the date range. Tap Select.
  3. Tap Category.
  4. Select To-Dos.
  5. Unselect Jobs and Bookings.
  6. Tap Service Providers. Select Michelle. Tap Add to Filter. Apply the filters.

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